Hello 2017! I’m sure you are like me and wondering, where in the world did 2016 go? Have you all made your New Year’s resolutions? I’m not making any promises except to all you that I will continue to do my best.

I’m looking forward to the EANGUS Legislative Workshop in Washington, D.C., 5-8 February and I hope to see a good representation from our EANGUS Auxiliary. But please remember that if you are unable to travel to D.C. you can still visit with your Representatives when they are in your home state. They want to see you and hear from you because, after all, you are a vote and you have a voice.

Our treasurer, Pam Brown, has been busy with the memberships being sent in. Thank you for getting them in. However, this time next year, I hope we can keep her even busier. In order to jump-start and ignite our fire I’m designating 2017 as “The Year of The Spark”. There are a couple of states that started with a spark and now they are on fire! The Area Directors will be contacting State Presidents for their membership goals for this year. I hope you will start thinking of ways to ignite the membership fire in your state and I also hope you will share your ideas with us.

Areas will also soon be in full swing planning and attending area caucuses. Please share stories and pictures with us. And the same holds for your state conferences. I bet we would all like some fresh ideas and success stories.

Until next time, Happy New Year!

Connie Myers

EANGUS Auxiliary President